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Johanne Evrard
Policy officer , European Commission

"I thought I was simply looking for someone to help me being more consistent in my sports practice, but Sebastien offers a whole new dimension of coaching! His passion is contagious, he has a genuine interest in the well-being of his clients and a deep knowledge of the human body. I am learning at each session – exploring movement, awareness, strength, balance, focus, reinforcement and play. In the first session, he already spotted a few things I could change in my posture that have solved years of latent pain in my hip. I fully trust and enjoy working with him!"


Kristina Dimitrova
Policy officer , European Commission

"You give more than a workout! It is a life teaching" 


Olena Loboiko
Policy officer , European Commission

"My favorite few hours of the week: 

I have been exercising regularly (strengths, power, cardio) for over 8 years, had some sessions with personal trainers in the gym, had an online coach. I thought I more or less have a grasp of my condition and do not really need a personal trainer. But Seb is not just a personal trainer – he is a body-mind connection guru with the warmest, most positive aura about him. A true talent for inspiring, encouraging and demonstrating that you can do so much more than you ever thought. Our sessions are extremely versatile and a great fun. For most things we do I am a complete beginner by the way. At the same time, in just a few sessions I see progress that took me months before.

Whether you are a coach potato or a professional athlete, this will be one of the best investments in your life. For me, my favorite and most enjoyable few hours of the week.


Rosa Desmont

"Un grand merci à toi, Seb! En ce début d'année 2024, je te dois une belle énergie, un bon mental, un physique au top. Tu m'as fait apprécier et aimer pratiquer le tai Chi et le ... Qi Gong. Belle découverte de la fin d'année 2023. J'ai appris l'équilibre aussi bien physique que mental, la base de la confiance en soi. J'ai développé en finesse les muscles de soutien du corps. J'ai renforcé ceux qui me lâchaient au fil du temps. J'ai frôlé l'excellence au cours d'exercices de coordination de mouvements et d'équilibre. J'ai compris l'importance de l'équilibre, de l'énergie vitale. J'ai gagné en force. Cela, grâce à ton précieux enseignement, ton énergie, ton dynamisme, ta force tranquille, ta stabilité, ton humour aussi et ta philosophie de vie... Yes Sir!

Pour moi, le temps est venu de reprendre. 

Pour tous ceux qui considèrent cette nouvelle année qui commence comme synonyme de "bonnes résolutions", lancez-vous, allez-y!"


Public Affairs professionnal

"I recommend anyone who is looking to improve their overall conditioning, recovering from an injury, or just seeking to build a bit more strength to consider a workout with Seb. Whether you have a more advance level of fitness or at the beginning of your journey, Seb does a great job of working with you to define your goals and guide to where you want to get step by step"

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