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Johanne Evrard
Policy officer , European Commission

I thought I was simply looking for someone to help me being more consistent in my sports practice, but Sebastien offers a whole new dimension of coaching! His passion is contagious, he has a genuine interest in the well-being of his clients and a deep knowledge of the human body. I am learning at each session – exploring movement, awareness, strength, balance, focus, reinforcement and play. In the first session, he already spotted a few things I could change in my posture that have solved years of latent pain in my hip. I fully trust and enjoy working with him!


Kristina Dimitrova
Policy officer , European Commission

"You give more than a workout! It is a life teaching" 


Olena Loboiko
Policy officer , European Commission

"My favorite few hours of the week: 

I have been exercising regularly (strengths, power, cardio) for over 8 years, had some sessions with personal trainers in the gym, had an online coach. I thought I more or less have a grasp of my condition and do not really need a personal trainer. But Seb is not just a personal trainer – he is a body-mind connection guru with the warmest, most positive aura about him. A true talent for inspiring, encouraging and demonstrating that you can do so much more than you ever thought. Our sessions are extremely versatile and a great fun. For most things we do I am a complete beginner by the way. At the same time, in just a few sessions I see progress that took me months before.

Whether you are a coach potato or a professional athlete, this will be one of the best investments in your life. For me, my favorite and most enjoyable few hours of the week.

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