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Packs (1) & others (2)

  • Prices are degressive according to the number of sessions.

  • If you choose a "at home" formula, a supplement is required

  • Duration of a session: 1 hour

  • There are 2 options for duo sessions: 
    1. Either you have a solo package and would like to come with 2 people from time to time, in which case you will have to pay an extra 20 Euros for the 2 person sessions.
    2. Or you can buy a duo package and all sessions must be done in a duo.


Pack 5

From 49€/session

Promo till 31/1/24 (non-cumulative)

Special deal.png

Pack 10

From 60 €/session

Pack 20


From 55 €/session


One session

From 80 €/session


+ 20 €/session

Group (max 5)

From 20 €/pers.


  • A session must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance or it will be charged.

  • If the client does not show up for the scheduled training session, the client will be charged for the full session.

  • A session starts on time and ends after one hour.

  • If you have a particular problem in addition to what is known, please tell me at the beginning of the session to take it into account.

  • If you are injured during a session, this should be covered by private insurance.

  • If you are ill, please postpone the appointment.

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