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Sébastien Hennebert


My name is Sébastien Hennebert. I am a graduate of the ULB in economic sciences. I worked as a senior manager in the automotive sector for almost 20 years before switching to sports coaching.


As a child, I practised judo and basketball, among other things.


At the age of 16, I discovered kung fu which became a real passion for me. I passed all my grades up to the 2nd black belt with Master Yashar Cihan in kung fu chang (Instructor level). Around the age of 20, I discovered Tai Chi, which I also practice assiduously.


At the age of 30, I started crossfit in the gym to be stronger, faster, more agile and more explosive.


This long experience taught me how to read the body and movement, how to connect with others, how to manage my emotions, how to accomplish things through work and how to constantly strive to be the best version of myself.


These values are very important to me and are part of my DNA; just like teaching.


I therefore followed a training course to become a certified NASM Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medecine).


Today, I wish to pass on my knowledge and help my "students" to reach their wildest goals!


Thanks to my analytical mind, my martial experience and my sports skills, I can adapt to your level and help you to :


          improve your basic movement patterns

          improve your proprioception which is essential for a healthy progression

          strengthen your posture

          progress while limiting the risk of injury

          have the keys to a better health

          link body and mind

          surpass yourself to reach your goals.

Private room

Private room

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